Opening in September 2018 HCM Letchworth is one of two HCM colleges in Hertfordshire and will be located on the top floor of the Goldsmith Building on Broadway in Letchworth’s centre. The college offers Level 2 and Level 3 Music Performance and Music Production Diplomas for those aged 16+ years.

Diplomas in Music Performance (Guitar, Bass, Piano/Keyboards, Vocals and Drums) and Music Production at HCM Letchworth are awarded by Rockschool (RSL) and delivered in partnership with Milton Keynes College. The courses are specifically for students keen to, one day, have a career in the music industry as vocalists, guitarists, bassists, drummers, pianists or keyboard players, music producers or songwriters. By studying a music diploma, you’ll take your musicianship skills to the next level, while becoming an accomplished and confident performer, and learning the realities of today’s music business. Along the way, you’ll be encouraged and supported by our accomplished tutors who’ve all had thriving careers in music and remain in the industry as active music professionals and educators, ready to help you get started in music.

Music industry experience

As a diploma student at HCM Letchworth, you’ll have regular opportunities to discover the music industry through real-world learning. The college hosts ongoing activities such as Q&A sessions with music industry professionals, masterclasses with successful musicians, and even out-of-college excursions to gigs, events, music venues and more.

Diploma course funding

For UK and EU students aged 16 to 18 years old, music diploma courses at HCM Letchworth are fully funded by the UK government*, with additional funding options available for those aged 19 to 23. Milton Keynes College can offer bursary assistance, financial support and help with travel costs to students on the basis of need – further information can be found at MKC Student Services.

*Conditions apply.

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

The very best
music gear

HCM Letchworth features three fully equipped rehearsal studios (including a dedicated drum room and digital piano studio), and a lively digital music production classroom, containing iMacs, interfaces, keyboards and mics.

All our rooms feature equipment by world-leading instrument manufacturer brands such as Peavey, Orange, Mapex, Marshall, JBL, ProEL, Line 6, Shure, Vox, AKG and Lewitt. Our drum kits come courtesy of Roland TD and Yamaha DTX, and our digital pianos are provided by Yamaha. We also use industry-leading software from Ableton Live and Logic Pro X.


    Our top-quality rehearsal studios are designed to showcase your musical talent.

Music Diplomas

Music Diplomas

Looking for a Music Diploma

Whether you’re keen to study performance or production, our music diplomas courses are free for UK and EU students aged 18 or under*.

Music Production Diploma

Become proficient in Logic Pro X and Ableton Live and learn to compose, record, produce, remix and DJ with our Level 2 and Level 3 Music Production course.

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